Adventures as a Recent College Grad Living with Chronic Illness and Training a Service Dog

More Max

Let's be honest.... most of you are here to see pictures of Max....

Max at Work (April 2014)

Hiding in the Row of Seats During Class (April 2014)

"Mom! There's a Doggy in the Post Office!!!!"- Adorable little girl that sprinted straight for Max who, in turn, stayed laying down.

Just hanging out, watching campus life go by in the Cafe under Newman Library 
(May 2014)

Sunshine + Black Dog + Long Lecture = NAP TIME!!!

Let's play Find the Max! He really loves his command "Go Hide"
Also, special shout-out and thanks to everyone on the Virginia Tech SAASS Staff for being so welcoming and putting up with both of our antics ;)

Chillin' on the couch- Enjoying our break before moving to Texas (June 2014)

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